Sorry if I have not been posting. Trust me, I have several drafts in the work. The truth is, I am going on a short-short vacation. This is not my emo-blog.  I am writing daily, but these things need to be looked at by a sober person before I post it on the net, in front of the world and everyone.

I have an image to protect.

It isn’t that bad.  It has been worse.

I have a plan.  It is pretty standard.

I am drowning my sorrows in self-medication. 

Then I will start working out.  A lot. I will find my center, and happiness in independence. 

I may meet someone who likes that about me. 

We will get involved.

It will throw off my routine, because we will start to spent too much time together, hopefully in bed.

I will be conflicted between my personal life shared and my private “me” time.

I will cease being happy.

They will wonder what happened, probably leaving me first, “for my own good.”

I will go back to a vacation.

The cycle will begin again.

If it weren’t for the tortuous shitty parts, life would be so simple!