I gave in, to the hype. Some of my most trusted technical advisers were saying good things about “Inception.” I felt like I missed an important day of class. I had to see it if I wanted to participate in the discussion. I had to see it, sober-ish.  

Not like “Avatar.” Too wasted, too quickly in the theatre.  It must be called “wasted” because it wastes a lot of time (over three hours,) and money ($7-$10, I can’t remember exactly.) Oops. No regrets.  Don’t judge me. 

Side note: I really don’t advocate getting irresponsibly intoxicated, especially before watching movies. It’s usually counterproductive to the experience, but I had a host of excuses: it was winter in Minnesota, someone had hit and run my car.  It was smashed up and looking at it made me sick to my stomach. I was extremely bummed out. Home-girl dragged me outta the house because I was stuck in a rut. “You know what a rut is?  It is a grave with the ends knocked out.” -Dr Lawrence Peter. That’s another story.   

Inviting a friend to go to “Inception,” he warned me that he likes to be early, really early, to get good seats at a show. I was happy to hear it. I didn’t want to miss one second of “Inception.” I heard that a very respectable, multi-talented, young director I know actually wept at the close credits.   

Trailer Park Boys

 I mostly went to this movie because I wanted to see how and what Ellen Page was doing.  I first saw her play Mr. Lahey’s daughter on several seasons of the super-funny Canadian TV series, “Trailer Park Boys.”(2001-2008) 

 ”Hard Candy” (2005) is also a good one. I am not sure if it’s officially listed under the genre “thriller/horror” or “thriller/drama,” but it is a good movie. It also came highly recommended by my tattooist, as an exchange recommendation for mine of “Shortbus,”(2006) which I loved. Still love.  

In “Hard Candy,” Ellen Page plays a fourteen year-old. She lures a pedophile home, roofies and tortures him. It’s gut churning and sometimes very uncomfortable to watch. A mixture of Todd-Solondz-uncomfortable and ”Hostel”(2005) uncomfortable. The violence is not as quantitative as your average action or horror movie, but it is more personal. Personal and deliberate.  That’s what makes it so uncomfortable. You can’t really sympathise with a pedophile, but a disconcerting empathy starts to emerge, and is suppressed by a confused sense of morality. Watch it, if you are ok with those kind of challenging moments.    

Then there was “Juno.” I don’t know one Minnesotan who didn’t go to see that film. My grandma saw that with the grandkids. “Juno” is like “Fargo.” It’s like The Twins Baseball team. Or Grain Belt/Summit/Schell’s. Atmosphere. It’s  Minnesota-made. Minnesota is proud of it. There are a bunch of Minnesota-made films out there. Aparantly the taxes are hella high for filmmakers to shoot here, though they say “Minnesota is the next Hollywood.” That would be nice.  If we could keep some money in the arts and public schools. Sorry. [Off the soap box.]    

So. I saw this film for Ellen Page. Heck yes, Ken Wantanabe is awesome. He can play an Asian, Latino, Native American, or Pacific Islander. He is that good. And yeah, I can say that. I’m Korean. Back to point. I also like Leonardo DiCaprio. Remember “Gilbert Grape,”(1993)? C’mon! Don’t hate because he got branded with that Celine-Dion-song-movie.   Joseph Gordon-Levitt won me over in “Mysterious Skin.”(2004) though he had definitely out grown his “3rd Rock” Tommy-personality long before that. Marion Cotillard, who I know as Billie Frechette from “Public Enemies,”(2009) is pretty, creepy and classy as Mal. I also really liked “Public Enemies.” If you haven’t seen it, do it. The extras on that disk were great. It explained the work that went into making it an accurate character/period-piece. I didn’t really know who Tom Hardy was, but I kinda wanted to kiss him on the mouth-at-first-sight. He has a purdy mouth, and I won’t appoligize for saying it, becaue it’s true. I was reluctantly informed that Tom Hardy previously played “Praetor Shinzon” in one of the Next Generation “Nemisis.”(2002) films. The role was the human clone of Jean-Luc Picard. IMDB confirms this:  


If there is one thing I believe on the Internet, it’s IMDB.     I didn’t know Luke Hass, Tom Berenger, Michael Cain, & Cillian Murphy were in this mega-production. Pete Postlethwaite who played Kobayashi from “Usual Suspects,”(1995) has an almost non-speaking role. I am surprised they didn’t bring Marlon Brando back from the dead for this one.      

“Inception.” My film-partner-in-crime and I had a pre-movie session at the house. We started bullshitting about: film, hype, expectations, blah, blah, blah…  We lost track of time, missed two yellow lights, and were ten minutes late. With much hyperbole I say: “It was the worst ten minutes of my life.”   Ten long, uncompressed minutes of information, crucial information, gone. Gone. Crap. As we walked in, it was a little confusing anyway, because, like I said, we had one-only-one beer before we went. (I did not want to have to run to the can in the middle of the movie.) I am told that all I missed was the confusing part anyway. So it’s ok.   

The story unfolds for about 2 1/2 hours. It was a near perfect movie.  Chrisotopher Nolan consistantly produces quality work. We like him a lot. I think “The Prestige”(2006) was really underrated as a film.  I is worth a view if you haven’t seen it. And “Memento”(2000) was one of the first neo-alternate-reality films of the genere.       

I heard ”Inception” is in the top four grossing films ever: “Avatar,” “Titanic,” “Dark Knight,” are 1-3.

I looked it up on IMDB and they told me “Inception” was number 219, as of the twenty-sixth of July, 2010. As I said before, IMDB would never lie to us. Well, 4 compared to 219 is a large error margin, duder. Maybe I misheard. Perhaps the dude who told me this was referring to the first week gross or something else. I also wouldn’t be surprised if “Inception” does get in the top three or four. It’s PG-13.


If you look at those lists, all the huge money-makers are crossover (kid/adult/family) films.  Starting at number one and working your way down, it isn’t until “The Hangover” @number 47 do we see a film geared at “Adults.”(AKA: rated “R.”) The top 46 films are kid/family/fantasy/sci-fi films. Harry Potter with his witchery is questionably for children.  Kidding.  Really though, almost all of the movies that are top grossers are PG-13 or G. They’re geared at kids and families. Groups of people.

Expectations.  My expectations were high for this one. It was pleasantly surprising. It did not disappoint.  More than not disappoint, it delivered the goods. It was refreshing.   

Ok. I have a SPOILER ALERT. If you don’t know what a spoiler alert is, (Mom,) I’ll tell you. A SPOILER ALERT is an alert to let you, the reader, know that I, the writer, is about to publish information about the end of the film that might spoil the movie for you, the reader, if you haven’t seen it. Sorry. I know I said none of that SA-ing here, but, if you haven’t seen the movie, stop reading now. Stop reading and go see that movie. Today.  

I was told that it is a “Spoiler-proof” film.  You need to explain it all to spoil it, and you need to see it to kinda understand what is going on. I’m not so sure of that. I will see that movie in it’s entirety this week. I politely  invite feedback on this one:    I have a theory that The “Saito” character was a projection, or possibly an Inception.  He was the catalyst to get the ball rolling to basically get Cobb back to Mal. He could conveniently do things like buy an airline, make all of Cobb’s legal problems disappear with one phone call, and was the one who Cobb “really” went looking for in limbo, where they both shared the sentiment (inception[?]) about fear of becoming old men, full of regrets, lost in a dream world. Wasn’t that the point? That it’s not real anyway? Cobb got what he wanted in his alternate reality. He got his children, Mal, whatever and whoever.    Here is and interesting idea about time. I think it relates to the compression of dream-time in the film:  


And with that, I am out. 


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