“Show your patriotism by buying a bracelet”

This was the actual copy of text from a Facebook advertisement. I saw it yesterday and today.

Is it just me, or are advertisers getting more stupid?  Do they think the American audience is that dumb/medicated/not-paying-attention? Oh wait.

Mickey Knox, (therefore, I have reason to believe this originated from Quentin Tarantino,) in the film “Natural Born Killers” once said: “A moment of realization is worth a thousand prayers.”

This reflects my realization: “American audiences are that dumb/medicated/not-paying-attention. Because pay-triotism is not about buying shit.”

I know that some economists would disagree, but screw them. Showing  national support? I know a veteran who hates the “Support the troops” ribbon-stickers . What people say and how they act aren’t always consistent. He said: “I’ve talked to some of those people. When I tell them I was in the military, they start to treat you like an imbecile, or a leper. F—ing hypocrites.”

Oh, Hypocrisy in America, can you ever give it a rest? No? Well, thanks for at least being consistent.

Last March in lecture, a professor of mine brought up the statistic: “68% of Americans don’t get American-made, Hollywood movies.” Sad. How dumbed-down can they make Hollywood? Is that why the movies with no plot and big explosions/robots that turn into cars SUCK? Is even asking you to think about this just too much?

How many Americans understand all/most of the advertisements they see- at an average of a bout 3000 or more a day? Beyond the message: “You are insufficient as a human unless you consume our products.”


If Americans have problems understanding Hollywood movies, and advertisements written to sell you garbage, how many Americans understand a complex abstract like patriotism?”

Is patriotism buying stuff? Is it a sticker/flag/ribbon you put on your car? Doubt it. Patriotism is participatory. Patriotism is paying attention. Community. Voting. Freedom. Questioning. Recognising diversity. Patriotism is Stephan Colbert. At it’s inception, America declared a separation of church and state. Wtf happened to that idea? Structurally, patriotism is about checks and balances that our forefathers put in place for the people; not the nation of corporations, not the 1% of rich bastards running the world, not for the martial law of the ”patriot acts” taking away our civil rights.

Patriotism is like any relationship. It’s love/hate. We want to do better, but we don’t want to leave. So we commit. We live here. We are Americans. We are proud. We buy so much $hit, we must be love our county!

America, F#*k Yeah!