2701 East Franklin Ave, Minneapolis 55406

Nicollet Village Video has closed & moved. They actually transformed into Filmzilla. They have every Godzilla, Mothra, Baby Godzilla, King Ghidora, Rodan & Harryhausen film known to man. I just threw that last one in there. If you don’t know who Ray Harryhausen is, you best take your ass to school. Jason and the Argonauts.(1963)

\”Jason and the Argonauts\” Skeleton army battle @1:41.  [If you've played "Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" (2006) you'll recognize how Nintendo bit/borrowed/stole/paid tribute to Harryhausen's "Jason & the Argonauts."]

Filmzilla also owns a copy of:  “Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters,”(1968) with the big battle scene at the end. If you’re not down with that, I just don’t know how to make you happy.

Nicollet Village Video was a staple of Loring, Elliot, Whittier, Stevens & other surrounding neighborhoods. I’d guess it’s the largest video store in the state. Not only in terms of volume, but of variety. They have the largest selection of independent, foreign, documentary, Anime, and Asian action films I have ever seen in one place. They also specialize in rare, out-of-print and hard-to-find films. “Everything from art-house to grindhouse.” 

I’ve been a renter there since 2001-2. My number of movies rented hovers under 3000. I still go there almost weekly. No matter where I move to. Where they moved to is of little consequence, unless  it is closer to me. And it is, so, score!

NVV has customers from as far as Texas, a trucker that had a player and would rent 4 movies for 4 days, $5. Sometimes he would just mail things back. Despite inflation, free membership & “4 movies 4 days, $5″ is the same deal NVV has had for over a dozen years. That’s less than 34 cents a day. That includes tax. That is how cool it is. You would think the move would affect the pricing. It hasn’t

With the fall of Cinema Revolution, Panorama, Hollywood, etc., Nicollet Village Video still scraped by. It was a standard of the neighborhood. Then, like many businesses of the neighborhood, they got fed up with greedy liars and broken promises. Yes, they had a slumlord. NVV moved.

The Seward Cafe is down the block.

The 27 block of East Franklin: the promised land. In the heart of the Seward neighborhood, Filmzilla is blocks from: the 25th street exit off of interstate hwy. 94, True Thai restaurant http://truethairestaurant.com/, Seward Cafe http://www.sewardcafempls.net/ (the vanilla cream cold process is vegan-liquid-candy-crack-AWESOME.) Seward Co-op http://www.seward.coop/, Zipps, and many other unique stores and shops. Off of the highway there is one crappy strip mall with a corporate coffee/sandwich chain, but most of the Seward is locally owned and operated. Old Hippie/punk/Wiccan/blue collar people know: independent business=Good.

The clerks there are usually knowledgeable beyond necessity. They are real live people, who will put the movie in your hand, that day. No mailbox waiting. Netflix has a policy of slowing down your mailings the more you rent. Due to a lawsuit, they had to change their promise policy of “guaranteed to arrive in a day”

Did you know: Netflix only carries films that are current and in print? Even with current films, they advertise films they don’t have, and, if not enough people put it on their queue, they don’t buy it. Some would call that false advertising, though I am sure it’s somewhere in the 9 pages of contract you agree to when you sign up for net-flex. Some people would call them liars, using the bait and switch. That means if you want to see anything that is not contemporary, modern popular film, forget it. But, Netflix will suggest you watch fifteen Hugh Grant films and “Sex and the City 2″ while you wait for your copy of “Ice Pirates” that is never going to arrive. I found a blog with a running list of films that Netflix doesn’t carry:


I assure you, as of August 2010, Filmzilla has all of the titles netflix doesn’t, except perhaps “Scent of Green Papaya.” They had it on VHS & it got stolen.  Filmzilla has a Free membership, & is dog friendly. They stock dog treats.

Support choice. Support your local independent everything. Visit Filmzilla.

And be nice to the clerks.