If it’s morally wrong to give drugs to children, why do doctors proscribe so much Adderall to kids? They haven’t done any long-term studies about the effects, but it is about the same as what happens to crack/meth/junkie babies. And it’s bad. Cuz young addicts grow up to be old addicts. And that is not a fun life, boy howdy. The rant of the day: Parents, with the help of doctors, are giving the little developing minds of their children, our future, the  medical equivalent of meth.

Adderall is medication in idea, but is narcotic chemicals to the brain. Adderall is worse and more insidious than meth. Why?

Because it is socially acceptable to be gacked out on “medication” proscribed by a licensed medical doctor. I know far more people that abuse meds than real drugs anymore. You can get pharmaceutical grade cocaine, oxycotton that is more addictive than heroine, and Adderall, stronger and cheaper than both meth and coke. One pillhead I know chirps: “Keeps you going longer.” Did we learn anything from the early 70′s and 80′s? Black beauties, white crosses, phenol barbs, reds & yellows? They were doled out by the cartload, but that is nothing compared to present time.

What is stupid to me is, why do parents wonder:

1.) “Why is meth so popular among teens?” and

2.) “Why is my child over-active and simultaneously exhausted?”

Because: Parents, you’re giving your kids narcotics daily. Meds are gateway drugs.

Holy shit. I just read this:

“Dextroamphetamine and amphetamine [Adderall] may cause sudden death in children and teenagers, especially children and teenagers who have heart defects or serious heart problems. This medication also may cause sudden death, heart attack, or stroke in adults, especially adults with heart defects or serious heart problems. Talk to your doctor about the risks of taking this medication.”


What parents in their right mind would give Dextroamphetamine and amphetamine to their kids? People who have good insurance & can afford pills, but can’t afford the time to genuinely talk with their kids. With their kids, not to them. Most/all people have no business having kids in the first place. They can’t afford them, can’t take care of them and sure as shit can’t communicate with them. Yet 3 in 10 girls are pregnant by the time they are 20. The idea of having a baby is not the same as the reality of living and caring for one 24-7 for about 18 years. Glossy magazines glamorize pregnancy like overpopulation is not a global issue. Real responsibility is not taught to parents, and who suffers? The children.

For instance, one psychotic political person I know, let’s call her Sharah Balin, who is very pro-abstinence, had an (under-age) daughter that became pregnant during her presidential  campaign. Sharah is a bit of a selective christian. Maybe split personality-psychotic. It was publicly decided that the baby was a miracle, (not a product of her daughter banging some dude with no birth-control,) and the baby’s getting born. No birth-control, no abortion, no adoption. No choice for the mom, not much chance for the kid. Sad. Whoever made the choice, (thanks, grandma Balin,) the child was born, the father promptly split, and I am sure playing mommy has gotten boring, tiresome, & aggravating  by now.

What will happen to this kid when it is growing up? One projection: out of frustration, boredom, or because the parent(s) jumped on the kid-speed-chill-pill-bandwagon at some point, I can guarantee that kid will be on a lot of medication. Then rehab. And I am sure that will be some kind of celebration at that point. The people that support Sharah Balin don’t see any of this as hypocritical. The anti-drug/pro-pharmacorp or pro-life/pro-death-penalty people make no sense to me. This hypocrisy is common enough that most people can see the it. What’s really going to be a problem in the future is, all the kids who are used to solving their problems with meds will have problems that are not solvable with meds. And then, the shit is gonna hit the fan.

Maybe it’s a race/class thing. “Young girls can have lot’s of babies, be single moms,  and it’s wonderful, as long as they are white and rich. Because they can afford to raise/medicate them properly.”

I think that’s whack. And maybe that makes me an asshole. Then that’s what I am.