This is an older blog & a quickie movie review. If you’re wondering what might be fun, cheap, and off the beaten path to watch this week.

Do you like fucked-up documentaries? Well this one’s a winner…

“Kiss my Snake”(2007) is about snake boxers from Ban Kok Sa-Nga in Isan, Thailand. There is a whole village of these guys that kind of dance around and antagonize these extremely poisonous king cobras. That’s snake boxing. It looks so much cooler than it sounds.  Ban Kok Sa-Nga has a special holiday unique to their village, where there are snake dances and snake boxing matches all weekend. There are a several violent snake attacks. People get the hell poisoned out of them. I won’t say anything else, but the people in this film are crazy. Crazy-brave. Oh, and there are village children putting snakes in their mouths, pants and etc. Five year old kids. I still think snakes are safer than Adderall.

The scenery is all beautiful, lush Thailand. Mmmmmm.

Yeah, I’m an animal rights person, but this film is amazing. It’s only a little over an hour long. It is so worth it. I promise.

A four day rental, for only $2.50; that is about .60 cents a day! Support small, local independent businesses for pocket change.

In the documentary section at Filmzilla, 2701 E Franklin. Look under the letter “K.” Tell them the Scriptdoctor sent you.