I’m sorry, my faithful readers. I have been lax  in the blog production. The days of summer and four blogs a week are gone for the moment. It’s a lame excuse, but it’s the only one I’ve got: I have been ears deep in scholastic endeavors.  So, instead of ignoring you all, I am going to start publishing what I’d consider some of “Filmzilla’s Must See Movies.” I may just call it “FMSM: [insert subject/topic/writer/actor/director here.]”

(Btw: Netflix can suck it.)

Please, please, please give me feedback. Comment. I sometimes feel like I’m stabbing in the dark here. Not that I have ever done that. I’m crazy, maybe offensive, but I’m not stupid.

I will have something in a day or two. I promise it will be worth your while. Written in the scriptdoctor.me style you’ve grown accustomed to. Weird, insightful, with some historical context, and references to other films that may be interest you. Possibly humorous and a bit meandering.

Rest assured, I think about you everyday. I’m a giver, and I believe loyalty should be rewarded.



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