I meant to rent “Videodrome.” You can’t always get what you want. SO sometimes you get something kinda like what you want. And it surpasses your expectations. My movie friend and I watched another Cronenberg film: “Dead Ringers” (1988). The basic story is about a pair of identical twins. Jeremy Irons plays both. I haven’t seen everything that he has done, but it is one of the best roles that I have seen him in. They are weird from the beginning, and it just goes creepy from there. They both get involved with the same woman, a french actress, played by Genevieve Bujold. I haven’t seen many of her movies either, but she was in “Coma” (1978). That is one of those movies that I wasn’t allowed to watch, and when I did, it scared the shit out of me. She does have an extensive body of work, and was in a film called “Sherlock Holmes and Saucy Jack,” (1979) which just sounds fun. I also tend to think women named Genevieve tend to err on the side of totally hot.

Irons acting is intense. If you can get over the late 80′s hair, fashion and decor, I bet you’ll like this one. It is LBcgi (life before cgi,) and I can’t help but think of the LOTR extras where one of the hobbits is talking about how had it was to act without looking at someone. Many of the shots are carefully designed so you don’t see the twins together, so it makes it even weirder when they are represented together. Parts of it remind me of “Fight Club.” (199) The polar opposite personalities, the fighting over the girl, the bizarre ways in which the men express and misrepresent themselves. Not to mention the stereotypical inability to accept love. But I digress. Dead Ringers explores the homo-eroticism of twins, acrid with the bite of incest. The twins, Beverly and Eliot, are involved with other women, but they are each others unquestionably primary relationship.¬†Until she comes along and ruins it. Like any three way, the couple (of twins) both sleep (or whatever,) with the same person. But you’re not supposed to fall in love with her! Well shit happens, and sometimes it hits the fan. A dash of weird gynecological instrument fetish and other sexualized violence and voila!

Is this article a little short? Incomplete? I have been gone, and I am sorry, I was just so happy to finally access my blog I just wanted to put something out. Next: a film you have not heard about but should rent: “Super.”