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This is an older blog & a quickie movie review. If you’re wondering what might be fun, cheap, and off the beaten path to watch this week. Do you like fucked-up documentaries? Well this one’s a winner… “Kiss my Snake”(2007) is about snake boxers from Ban Kok Sa-Nga in Isan, Thailand. There is a whole [...]

If it’s morally wrong to give drugs to children, why do doctors proscribe so much Adderall to kids? They haven’t done any long-term studies about the effects, but it is about the same as what happens to crack/meth/junkie babies. And it’s bad. Cuz young addicts grow up to be old addicts. And that is not [...]

-short story by mc m80 [I'm looking for feedback on this one. Or collaboration.] “Abilities are like disabilities.  Sometimes you are born with them, sometimes you develop them, and sometimes they are dumped on you. Joey collects found name tags.  He started at age 8.  Walking to school, he found a Target cashier’s name tag with the [...]

“Show your patriotism by buying a bracelet” This was the actual copy of text from a Facebook advertisement. I saw it yesterday and today. Is it just me, or are advertisers getting more stupid?  Do they think the American audience is that dumb/medicated/not-paying-attention? Oh wait. Mickey Knox, (therefore, I have reason to believe this originated from [...]

Hey, The Blog has a new format, links, pics, tags, blogroll & stuff. (Thanks Matt L.!) Here is a quick but opinionated post: The ugliest/dumbest/so-trendy-they’re-played-out trends of the millennium: 1.)  Mustaches, like myspace, are so 2007.  (A little known, but frequent orgasm-inhibitor.) 2.) Plucking/shaving their eyebrows and replacing them with a drawn line that is s 1 to 3 [...]

The sign says: “Honk if you love Jesus, text while driving if you want to meet him.”  Pretty self explanatory, right?  I thought it was funny, and I posted the picture on the web.  A friend of mine (who is a mom) responded: “…I don’t see that talking on the phone hands free is that [...]

I am thinking about starting an advocacy group teaching environmental respect and responsibility in schools.  A lot of  people do teach it to their kids, but traveling the US reveals that not many states bike and recycle the way Minnesotans do.  If eco-consciousness is not leaned in the culture around them, where are kids supposed to learn this?  At [...]

I predict a huge boom in the demand for chiropractors.  Within the decade.  It will be linked to the trendy high heels that are the rage in club gear right now.  I am not talking about your average mid 2-3.5 inch heels.  I am talking about five, six or seven inch heels.   There are years [...]