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Whew. I have been eyeballs deep in work and sschool. Yup, it is no joke. Work is sporadic at best, but the river of schoolwork is never-ending. This was just scribbled down one night. I am sorry I don’t have time to write more. “Sometimes when I work security at a door, I make up [...]

I’m sorry, my faithful readers. I have been lax  in the blog production. The days of summer and four blogs a week are gone for the moment. It’s a lame excuse, but it’s the only one I’ve got: I have been ears deep in scholastic endeavors.  So, instead of ignoring you all, I am going [...]

“Sometimes the thing that is the most difficult is the thing that you have to do.” The direct Swedish translation of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”(2009) is: “Men Who Hate Women,” or “Man Som Hatar Kvinnor.” I’m told it makes more sense if you follow the whole trilogy. I don’t speak Swedish, and I [...]

Sorry if I have not been posting. Trust me, I have several drafts in the work. The truth is, I am going on a short-short vacation. This is not my emo-blog.  I am writing daily, but these things need to be looked at by a sober person before I post it on the net, in front of the world and [...]

I am sitting at my desk, nerding out. I was recently informed of a new rule of punctuation. Because of “kerning” (the automatic spacing of letters using their shape/size,)  I learned that the need for two spaces following a period is obsolete.  I found some good, fast articles about it: /onetwospaces.htm Kerning sounds [...]

“Excuse me?  ’The customer is always right?’  That’s some entitlement bullshit.  When they say that, it’s always a sure sign that ‘this person is going to be an asshole.’ Every warehouse in America that houses the merchandise from some business that had to file bankruptcy has a box with one of those signs pokin’ out of it.  It’s [...]